General Questions

How to choose the size of our mask?  

To find the correct size, you need to combine the two measurements below; the Weight Measurement and the Eye-Chin Distance Measurement.

The weight measurement is strongly correlated with the length and size of the face, making it a great measurement for mask sizing.

1. Use a weight scale to find your weight
2. Compare your weight to the table below to find your size

The eye-chin distance measurement is a very accurate method for getting the correct mask size.

1. Use a ruler and measure the vertical distance between your lower eyelid and your chin.
2. Compare your measurement to the table below to find your recommended size.

Mask Measurement (CM) Weight (KG) Eye-Chin Distance (cm)
XS 14 CM High x 19 CM Wide 30 and less 8.9 and less
S 15 CM High x 20.5 CM Wide 30 - 50 8.9 - 10.1
M 16 CM High x 22 CM Wide 50 - 75 10.1 - 11.4
L 17CM High x 23.2 CM Wide 75 - 95 11.4 - 12.7
XL 18 CM High x 24.4 CM Wide 95 and more 12.7 and more
Mask Measurement (Inch) Weight (LB) Eye-Chin Distance (Inch)
XS 5 1/2" High x 7 1/2" Wide 65 and less 3 1/2" and less
S 5 7/8" High x 8" Wide 65 - 110 3 1/2" - 4"
M 6 1/4" High x 8 1/2" Wide 110 - 165 4" - 4 1/2"
L 6 5/8" High x 9" Wide 165 - 210 4 1/2" - 5"
XL 7" High x 9 1/2" Wide 210 and more 5" and more

For school our suggestion is:
XS:K- G3
S:G4 – G7
M:G8 – Adult


What is the shipping time?  

A: Most models, colors and sizes are in stock and will be shipped within 2 business days from Burnaby. Custom logoed masks will take an additional week. Fully custom designed masks will need 4-6 weeks.

What is the shipping cost?

Q: What is the shipping cost for on line order ?

A: For any order, for delivery in Canada, total amount over $100, shipping is free. For total amounts less than $100, the shipping cost will be $9.98 per order.
For any order, for delivery in the U.S., , total amount over $200, shipping is free. For total amounts less than $200, the shipping cost will be $19.98 per order.
For any order, for delivery outside Canada and the U.S., total amount over $200, shipping is free. For total amounts less than $200, the shipping cost will be $19.98 per order.

Q: what is the shipping cost for customized order

A: For customized order, our quotation didn’t include shipping cost, customer need to arrange pick up or we can quote the shipping cost according to order qty and destination;

3smask Packaging Refer

How to pre-order?  

We accept customized orders with their own color and logo, delivery will be 4-6 weeks after upon confirmation of the sample. For sample, price, and delivery, you can CONTACT US


How to take care of the 3S Mask


3S Mask(s) can be used continuously as long as the built-in nano film isn’t damaged. The best way to care for your mask is by following the instructions below.

Q: What are the best ways to protect the Nano Filter and care for the mask?

A: Soak the mask in warm soapy water for 5 minutes and then gently rinse with water until clean (approximately one minute). Alternatively, place the mask in boiling water for one minute. Hang dry. Please avoid rubbing, twisting or squeezing the mask. Do not use a washing machine to wash the mask or you will risk potentially damaging the built-in Nano Filter.

Q: How many washes should a mask last?

A: As long as the care instructions are followed, a mask will last for a minimum of 50 washes. If proper care is not followed, the mask could be damaged in just one wash.

Q: How long does the water repellent, oil and soil resistant and antibacterial features remain effective?

A: These added protective features remain fully functionable for 30 washes. After 30 washes, the functions may slowly decrease.

Q: How long does the Nano Filter remain effective?

A: The Nano Filter is a mechanical filter that remains effective as long as the user does not damage the Nano filter material. The Nano filter will last for hundreds of hours if properly cared for.

Q: How often should the mask be washed once?

A: This is a personal preference but not a requirement. MFF-5 masks can be washed once a day or once a week or even once a month… Since the nano filter used on the mask is a mechanical filter, the filtration efficiency will not be affected due to length of uses.

What’s the difference between 3S MASK and other MASK in the market

Feature 3S Mask MFF-7 3S Mask MFF-5 3S Mask MFF-3 Surgical Mask Procedure Mask Fabric Mask with Replaceable Filter Fabric Masks without Replaceable Filter
Built-In Filter
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency >95%
Particulate Filtration Efficiency >95%
Filter Efficacy Long Lasting Long Lasting Long Lasting 2 Hours 2 Hours 4 Hours
Inward Leakage Tested
Water Repellent
Oil Resistant
Stains Resistant
Adjustable Earloops
Self Fabric Earloops
Contour Fitting
Different Sizes
Skin Friendly Materials
100% Cotton Fabrics

What are the differences between the MFF-3, MFF-5 and MFF-7 masks?

- Material

MFF-3 & MFF-7 use 100% cotton for outer fabric .
MFF-5 use 100% polyester for outer fabric with water repellent, oil and soil resistant features.

- Pattern

MFF-3 & MFF-7 have a seam at bottom of mask to fit your chin better and are a little pointier in the noise area.
MFF-5 have a center seam to fit noses better as the nose area is less pointy.

- Earloop and headband

MFF-3 use elastane for the ear loops and headband.
MFF-5 & MFF-7 use fabirc earloop and thicker headband which is more comfortable.
MFF-5 & MFF-7 have Canada Flag at earloop.

Returns and refund policy

We accept 7-days time frame for returns and exchange products due to the sensitive nature of our mask. Please notify us before returning your item, we are one of the few companies in the market accepting exchanges and refunds during the pandemic.

  • Please have your receipt or proof of purchase ready.
  • Item must be unused and the original package must be in perfect condition.
  • Once received we’ll inspect thoroughly and notify you the status of your request immediately and if approved, we’ll initiate a refund to your credit card or (the original payment method).
  • If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund.
  • We will also process any exchanges within 7-days of you receiving the delivery. Item must be unused and the original package must be in perfect condition.
  • You also need to send us back the original product and order receipt. We’ll arrange the new item to either be shipped out or self pick-up as you requested.
  • You will be responsible for the shipping fees.


We committed to offer 30-days quality warranty due to manufacturer defects with easy replacement.

Please CONTACT US to report damages.

  • Workmanship issue.
  • Material related.
  • Within 30-days time frame
What colors and sizes are available?

MFF-3 masks come in black and grey colors and the sizes rage from small to large.
MFF-5 masks come in black, grey and denim blue colors, and the sizes range from extra small to extra large.
MFF-7 masks only come in black, and sizes range from extra small to extra large.
MFF-7 only available by preorder , more info for MFF-7 , Please CONTACT US.